Monday, August 1, 2011

The meeting is over !

My eyes are tired and heavy and full of sleep. They want to close , shut the world out , and plunge into dark, deep bliss. How wonderful and serene would that be ... to be able to close whenever you want to . Thats one priceless gift !

My eyes are trying hard to keep them open ... my mind is trying harder to register whatever they are seeing , trying even more harder to produce fewer yawns , shut my mouth and keep my eyes open..

I can see people sitting around me .. some lip movements .. some animated talking.. and I can feel myself nodding vigorously.. maybe its the routine that programmed it .
I can hear some sound ..somebody talking .. they fall on my ears and just rebound.. I am helpless , totally conquered ..numb .. in a trance.

Somebody asked something and I turned around..I saw a hazy picture of Sriraj talking interestedly with the client... i wondered which planet he came from..

I am staring at John  Romano .. blankly .. looking at his eyes and nodding at times.but only I know that I am staring at something much beyond.. into the beautiful world of slumber..

Just then my ears caught an interesting phrase...and my eyes had something interesting and pleasing to see..
"Thank you ! "
The meeting is over . I can look at that forever !

PS : I tried hard..really hard.. to listen to what John was saying , but failed. I penned this in the 2 hr session that we had immediately after lunch after efforts to keep myself awake went futile !  
PPS :  In the screen shot you can see all the tabs that I opened to keep myself .. but none came to my rescue !

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