Thursday, September 8, 2011

... Its back to create a ruffle ....

Life is not letting me be in peace... It keeps reminding me that it cannot be perfect..there exists some besharam creature called problem that creeps stealthily..slyly..and very soon you see ripples on the once calm surface..

Ok. They are not problems actually..but minor glitches, hiccups that created a slight furore.Just when I thought that all was well and sat back, It raised its ugly hood again..testing my patience, my attitude , almost defining my character. I had to come out unscathed and leave others unscathed too.That was a major challenge.This time it was Not only me slipping into the pit..I was dragging quite a few people with me.

It was all momentary..the anguish..the pain..the "wots-happening-with-me !!" feeling , confusion, tension, nervousness and what not . I guess everybody has a phase in their life where they are put to test, and its most important for them to come out with flying colors.I think its my turn and I am trying my best to make the best out of it.

When you have wonderful parents for support..when you have that awesome person who stands by you all the time..and most importantly a forgetful mind which easily forgets the pain inflicted on becomes easier!

And ya.. I also believe that things happen for a reason and believe me, that relieves me like anything!
That makes me look at the problem at hand from a different angle, with a positive thought and the problem seems like a smaller problem. No. It doesnt vanish.It only becomes smaller.And better.

Have to pack its bags and throw it I go !


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