Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chillar party

A very cute , adorable , hilarious movie. It will make you laugh. And before you know, your eyes become moist.I struggled to stop my tears ! Those innocent , arrogant , sometimes sensible, sometimes stubborn bunch of cuties gave me a real good time. How I loved them . Each is cute in his won way.

I particularly liked Jhangya who doesnt like wearing a chaddi :D
His antics , dramatics, attitude is just hilarious ! The way he says halla bol ! , the way he tries to hide his ignorance when asked what an NOC is,.. DDLJ ..and stuff.. man ! awesome !He is such a nautanki !
I was actually laughing out loud !

The TV show was good too.Made sense . Thats the only way a child should have dealt with the minister.
Because he hasnt seen life much yet.What they have learnt is from the school, from the books . And its put to best use.

In short,  Its a must watch !

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