Saturday, September 10, 2011

Waking up to a lesson...!

Its an amazing be able to sleep till late mornings.There is nothing that can beat the satisfaction and bliss it provides.Oblivious to all the chaos around, blissfully unware of  the hurried movements of my mom and dad going about their usual chores, I was buried. In deep sleep. Under a thick blanket. Lost in my own world.

Until I was rudely woken up.

By none other than the maid.

I heard something that sounded like a distant thrashing that slowly became louder and louder. Well it was not the sound, but I was becoming more and more alive , and coming back to my senses.My eyes still refused to open and so I pulled over the pillow over my ears to shut the noise out.

The noise was compounded by the running water, screeching sound of buckets..and more thrashing.Of the clothes. I opened my eyes a teeny bit and saw a blurred figure in the bathroom.That was our bai. She was washing our clothes.

I cursed her for not doing her job silently. For being inconsiderate. For making those horrendous sound. For not taking care as to not wake me up.

I looked at the watch with disgust.

It said 9.00 AM

Just then she turned. I could see sweat dripping from the brow. She was carrying a bucket full of water..and gasping for breath. I could see her nerves popping out of her arm due to the weight.

All my anger..disgust..B.P vanished.

What must she have been thinking all along ? A young gal, sleeping without budging till 9 am while she was cleaning my clothes, sweeping the floor and doing all dirty odd jobs in my house.Everyday is the same .No weekend. No holiday . Not until she fell sick. Same old dirty job. And meagre money.

With this realisation, I woke up.


  1. Loved the second half a bit more... A good lesson there... Before judging someone, we ought to think from their perspective as well...


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