Saturday, September 24, 2011


We thought it was the coolest thing we did , 5 years ago, on this very day. We professed love for each other and were glad the feeling was mutual.We were revelling in our new-found relationship..unaware of the challenges life was going to throw at us...not knowing what to expect..careless about our future..we were selfish. It was just "us" then.

I am happy the "us" still remains.Solidly intact. :)

It had more to it than just movies,roaming around on bikes, having panipuri on the roadside, bunking classes, chatting for hours, surprise gifts and saying "I Love You"

Its not about cosy postures that the movie posters show , its not at all about romantic punchlines, long drives, romantic dinners , wearing same coloured dresses, pick ups and drops...This is just the rosy picture..

There is more to it than meets the eye.

There was a time when a small gift, a long drive, occasional lunches, complimenting each other meant love.Atleast, it was a way of showing that you love him/her.
And then comes change.A big one.

Love, like anything else, evolves.It cannot remain in that stage forever.It starts demanding maturity.And strength. Its not the cosy postures anymore.There will be lesser gifts. Love is being happy despite these. Love is knowing he still loves you. Love is  knowing he is still there for you.

For me , its a great learning experience.I know myself now like never before. I was like on the road to self-discovery where I was sure startled by my unpleasant traits.
I came face-to-face with the other side of me which I never knew existed.
We were bettering eachother, overcoming our flaws.Yes, flaws. Nobody is perfect.

A lot of things changed over these 5 years. And a lot din't.

We still fight, but for better reasons.

We still disagree, but learnt to accept gracefully.

We still gift each other, not monetory now-a-days.

I still feel jealous, but learnt to brush it off.

We still shout at each other, but we understand.

This is where we stand now. And I am proud of where we are :)


  1. 5 posts in one day..woww..
    btw, I notice that you hardly have any comments..I have a suggestion - you should publicize your blog whenever you write something..It shouldn't be that difficult..Just post it on your facebook profile and given the 'gender discrimination' [:P] there, I am pretty sure many more people will read it and even comment..

  2. Hehe .. yaah !Bad at marketing :P
    Thanks for the suggestion.. will do it!
    And ur comment is not about my post !:X

  3. you have great writing skills, I jealous that I don't have any ;) Great you are become more expressive when write it down and good that life is teaching you so many things. I turning the other way round now, I never use to fight before but now a days knowingly, I try to fight to have some more fun in my life. You know how selfish we are in asking good things more ;) But I am not sure if it is correct or not ;) :D


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