Tuesday, April 3, 2018

A - Apology

Exactly around this time last year, I abandoned the A-Z challenge and blogging due to various reasons, some of which seem silly, embarrasing and downright shameful in retrospect. I was excited about the theme I had chosen and even seemed to fare well with the quality of the posts, when I read them now. But, during that time, I was failing by my own standards.

I realized I am my biggest enemy.

Another reason I quit the challenge was the pregnancy hormones. The first trimester took my energy and drive hostage. All I wanted to do was sleep. And eat. ( I had already given you a clue in Half-Hearted  :) )

I apologize for not responding to those who cared about my sudden absence from this space. All was well and is well on my side. And I sincerely thank you for your concern.

Its 4 days past April. I had decided to not partake in this year's A-Z challenge. Where is the time, I reasoned. But thanks to Smitha for planting the seed in my brain this afternoon, I tucked away all the discouraging thoughts from my head and here I am, all set to write this whole month!

Theme, you ask ?? My experiences from the past 1 year ! In a non-linear fashion, Christopher Nolan style. :P

I hope you will enjoy reading them. See you around.


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