Thursday, April 12, 2018

G - few random things starting with G

Geee - the first sound from kiddo's mouth

Grandparents - cannot imagine what we would do without them

Gaana - All Gaane from Baba Black Sheep to Jana Gana Mana have been sung to entertain the little one. He listens to his grandparents singing with rapt attention.

Girl - what Sush and me had initially wished for, for completely disparate reasons.

Glider and Ottomon - Godsend!

Gas - there is more gas in the baby's tummy than in any gas station :P

Gym (playmat) - Siddu's favourite hangout spot until he was 3 months old

Graco - you are great-o!

Grumpy - the little guy's default face for quite sometime

Grateful - for everything life bestowed on us!

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