Monday, April 9, 2018

D - Daddy stories

He will start rocking him in the middle of living room, he will hush everyone up, make us walk on tip toes, dim all the lights, but no, he wont take the baby inside the bedroom.

I prefer to feed the baby from the bottle in a calm dim room, but the new Daddy gets bored alone. Baby in arms, bottle in the mouth and Daddy's eyes fixated on TV, or phone or laptop is a common scene. The need to multi task is driving me crazy. After upteem number of fights, things seem to have improved.

Baby cried everytime me and my mommy gave him a bath. Enter daddy, and its a smooth sailing. "If you wash him like you wash the greasy dishes, anybody would cry! Be gentle.", a proud daddy quipped.

I would feed him, sing to him, put him to sleep, play with him, take him for a stroll, and everything looks mudane and a routine thing to do. Enter daddy and he steals all the thunder by rapping and dancing or spiking his hair or holding the baby in ways that make the rest of us shriek disapprovingly, yet shut us up on seeing the joy on kiddo's face.
Anything daddy does is a runaway hit, with a zillion videos and pictures forwarded to multiple groups of families and friends while I make do with selfies taken in awkward angles that absolutely cannot be shared.

The speed and perfection with which Daddy changes and puts on new diaper(ofcourse on the kiddo) will amaze the designer and tester of Huggies.

All the hard delicate messy tasks are assigned to Daddy. Like cutting nails, putting nasal drops, using the suction bulb. Firmness and Gentleness, both strangers to me, dear friends to daddy.

In the middle of the night at 2:30 am, when the little one dozed off half way through the bottle, Daddy got a little mischeivous. He put the bottle on the kiddo's head, who was in a sitting position, played the song ' Thakita thakita thakita thandana...' and had me record a video of Siddu moving his head side ways as if to the music. Needless to say, it was hilarious.

While waiting at the passport office, the token found its way on to his nose. 

There are many more of them, but I have to stop somewhere! Hope you enjoyed.

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