Monday, April 4, 2016

C - Coffee and Chai

I love the way you smell
Healing my mind and clearing my head
What  role you play in my life
I was afraid it would go unsaid.

Be it morning or be it noon
Be it raining or shining bright
I have to race to the coffee area
to get that much needed respite.

Not an hour goes by
without thinking about you
There are only so many relations
that are so true.

You are the ruse that brings family together
you are the reason friends stay longer
I cannot imagine what a cuppa can do
you have only made bonds stronger.

Big companies need you
So do the small truck drivers
In this crazy race called life
with your help, we emerge survivors.

We often don't realize
Its the smaller things in life
That keep us going,
That keep us rife.

So, I thank you Coffee and Chai
for warming me up for the day
for helping me keep my head
when things go the other way.

PS : All coffee lovers, its time we let Coffee know how much we love it ! Or rather, need it.




  1. Can't start my morning until I have my cup of coffee to get myself going :) Cute poem :)


    1. Its surprising how a little thing like coffee is so integrated with our lives. Thanks for reading Betty :)

  2. Exactly...agree and couldnt Rae more of what you wrote Sampada....liked the "big companies...small truck drivers" stanza very much

    1. Hellooo Ram !! How are you !? Glad to hear from you after a long time :) And thanks for reading. Happy you liked it :)
      That para is my personal favourite too :D

      So you are a chain person or a coffee person ??

  3. Great stuff! Coffee and Chai tea are both delicious.


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