Wednesday, April 27, 2016

V - Vices

Did you ever find yourself feeling jealous of a close knit friendship that you are not a part of?
Surprised that you could feel this way?

Did you ever find yourself not empathizing with an impoverished family? Every questioned yourself why you have no emotion to some things in this world ?

Ever disliked somebody for no reason? Ever felt like running away from that person but when you sit and think about it, you find no real reason that made you feel this way? Is it because you are being judgmental about every action they do and every word they speak ?

Know that person who lies at the drop of a hat? Be it how much the dress cost or why they didn't turn up for the party or why they were late, they have to lie.

Does it trouble you when the husband spends more time with his mother these days? Feeling possessive about him? Is it eating you from inside that you are not the only person he loves?

Want more of everything? More food, more money, more jewelry, more clothes, more houses, more gadgets? How much ever you have, you cannot control the greed in you?

Know a kid who disrespects you at times? When you are wrong and he is right, he doesn't leave a chance to show you were at fault? He answers you back and doesn't listen to what you say, despite you being a parent or an elder who knows what is good?

Feeling insecure? Do you find yourself  keeping things to yourself like a plan or an idea or information or an opportunity to yourself  for fear of others benefitting from it or others becoming better than you?

Are you guilty of being lazy and procrastinating? Do you always say tomorrow, when you have to do something?

Do you find yourself finding fault with everything they do? Maybe you are missing a different perspective because you are too rigid and not open to others' opinions? Do you think you are right and others are wrong? Is it hard for you to accept that they could be right ?

If your answer to any of the above questions is a yes, worry and do not worry. Worry, because its a vice and not a good thing to have. And do not worry because you are not alone. We all have our vices, in various degrees and forms. Nobody is perfect and born flawless. It was very hard for me when I realized I was not all that perfect good human being I thought I was. Life made me discover myself a lot more and in that process, I came face to face with many traits in myself that I absolutely hate.

The good news is, I crossed the first step. I am aware of my flaws and I accept those. The next step is to overcome them. Its a slow process, do not expect yourself to change overnight. But if you are consciously making efforts to keep the negative feelings in check, and try to be genuine, you are on the right track.

And just like you have vices, others have it too, maybe a different set of them. So be understanding of that and treat them and give a chance like you would give yourself.

PS : I came across a huge list of vices on the internet. If you are interested and want to find out more about your shortcomings, read this:


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