Friday, April 15, 2016

L - Life these days

How would you react if someone told you, you have more potential than you think you have. That you are doing great, but you could be more ?

I don't know about others, but I freaked out.

First of all, that was a revelation to me. I could be more !? The happiness of knowing this was just a spike, that lasted only until the conversation, but what started brewing in this tiny mind of mine was, how big can I be ? Should I aim to start a company of my own, is that my potential ? Not knowing this answer of how big and what is my potential was overwhelming, to say the least.

Anyways, besides dealing with this uncalled-for stress, I got some new found energy, to do something more than I usually do. To try something new, act on long pending wish-list/to-do list, incorporate some discipline in my otherwise lackadaisical life, to spend time more productively. The definition of productive varies significantly from person to person. And before you think I am making life altering changes in my routine, stop right there. In my book, being productive can be something as simple as reading a novel or writing a blog post :D . While this explanation falls flat when confronted by Sush, my reasoning is I am improving on a hobby, so it is time spent usefully. To each their own, I guess.

Weekdays, its mostly structured. Work, then 30-60 minutes of workout in the form of either biking down the community trail or tennis or Zumba. Zumba, I go only twice a week, and that too only for Christina Cusmano. I would give anything for her wild energy. I also learnt some basic swimming, and with summer in full form, that is one more interest that I need to accommodate somewhere.
Ofcourse cooking falls somewhere in between. Sush and I are always improvising on the kitchen agreements we have between us. I am so glad to have him!

We also play 3 games of Table Tennis. Sush and me. Yes, three exactly, to limit ourselves. Our dining table in the living room doubles up as a stand for the TT board I bought for his birthday. Two bikes, a TT board gives my home an appearance of a sports room, but that's the way I like it. Personalized. Unconventional. The games last for about 30-40 minutes. Its has become a test of mettle. A matter of pride. Whoever wins, gets to do the mockery dance.

To break the monotony on weekends, we have been playing some games competitively. Pseudo winter games its called. Pseudo because it never really is winter here in Florida. Games like throw ball, seven stones, Pictionary, Antakshari, slow biking. It was a sort of revival of childhood memories. It has been good. Great actually. We also got introduced to two new board games, Sequence and innovation. It is some sort of an addiction now. We cannot spend a weekend without playing these games.

I am blogging a lot more frequently than I used to. I even took up the A-Z challenge for the first time, and have survived two weeks. Its keeping the juices flowing and I have never felt any better.

We have been travelling a lot too. Impromptu trips, sometimes planned. While 2015 was a year full of travels, 2016 is also turning out to be one too. We have more exciting trips lined up for this year, all thanks to Southwest airlines :) We have until this year end to fully exploit the companion pass we received from southwest.

So basically, life is at its best and I couldn't ask for more.


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