Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D - Dreams


Her dreams were what defined her. She wanted to study abroad and become a doctor. She breathed passion into her work and inched closer and closer to her goal. Her aims, ambitions and desire to achieve them were the most important to her and she was doing all that she could to realize them. She built an imaginary fort around herself so she didn't lose focus. Nobody could enter her mind or heart without her permission. Nothing could distract her. Not even love.

He was very persistent. He tried various ways to express his love. He also said he would wait for her to come to him, even if it had to be an eternity. He believed in the power of his love, so he set her free. If she was meant for him, destiny would bring her back.

Nothing could change her mind. She didn't open up her heart to him, fearing her very definition would change. She felt that love created boundaries. How can someone who barely knew her, know how much she valued what she wanted to become? How could she trust someone, she wasn't even sure she loved, to believe in her dreams?

The storyline was inspiring until this point. Rarely do we see movies(Indian) where the protagonists have goals other than seeking vengeance, winning somebody's love, or ousting criminal gangs. This was one of those very few movies where there was a dream. An ambition. A passion to do something.

And like all other movies, the girl gave up her ambition to find love. She was unhappy. She was living her dream, but some kind of emptiness surrounded her, that only he could fill. So she gave up the very things that defined her.

Why did it have to be like that ? Couldn't she have found happiness and completeness while living her dream with somebody else along the way ? Couldn't she have found someone who shared her passion or at least understood her and supported her? Wouldn't it have been more encouraging if the movie showed her as a successful and also a happy doctor? Wouldn't it have been more relevant with the times?

It concerns me because, having grown up watching such movies, it has been engrained in our minds that success and happiness do not go with each other. You cannot find love if you are after dreams. You will be unhappy and you will repent.

Coming to think of it. its not just the movies. The very foundation of our growing up is based upon our parents telling us to be happy with what we have. That wishing for more or better is greed. But isn't it true that things can always be better ?

PS : The movies I was referencing here are Kerintha (Telugu), Yeh Jawani Hai deewani (Hindi), Love Aaj Kal (Hindi) where the protagonists had dreams but all of them eventually gave them up for love.


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