Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J - Juggernaut

She was chirpy. She was exuberant. She was intelligent. She was talkative. And she seemed to get along really well with everybody there, whether she knew them or not. She gave her ideas with extreme confidence, something that came easily to her, not because she was the senior there, but because it was in her genes. She carried a smile always, that was somewhere in between a blush and a naughty grin. She always spoke her mind and didn't seem to possess any kind of inhibition when doing so. She was hyper active, never the one to sit quietly at one place. Indefatigable was the right word for her. For some, she was too aggressive for a woman, for some, she was an inspiration. And for one guy in that crowd, she was beginning to be more than what he had expected.

He was the shy kind. Not too outspoken. He spoke only when he needed to. He was smart and confident himself, but you wouldn't know until you talked to him. He was the normal kind of guy, calm and subdued, not the one who would turn heads, but a simple person with definite and clear mind. On first glance, it  would seem like an unusual choice for him to make. But his heart seemed to think otherwise.


It has been 8 years since this happened. When we visited them last September in California, I asked for their WiFi password. She said with a smile, "Juggernaut". That was the college event they had first known about each other's existence.

PS1 : She is my best friend from college. And they are one of the strongest and adorable couples I have ever known. We (Sush and I) are still mystified as to how it all worked !:P On a serious note, whenever I meet them, I get a warm feeling about what love is all about. They make it all appear so simple.

 PS2: I know there is so much more to your story than I told here, but more of it some other time. Call this an introduction ! :P




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