Tuesday, April 26, 2016

U - Utopia

A far away house tucked in the beauty of valleys and streams. A white picket fence running around it, not so much protecting from the wild but adding more beauty to an already beautiful home.

A half-built tree house, lying in a corner of the front-yard, waiting for some attention. The old man is often seen teaching his grand kids how to build that house on their own. Curious squirrels squirting around it trying decide if it is edible.

An old woman sitting in the patio, reading, adjusting her glasses that refused to stay on her stub of a nose. She is always seen there, outside, the winter sunshine gently brushing her face and the breeze ruffling her short grey hair.

The wind chimes tinkled in some rhythm, bringing in a sense of calm and harmony, that was ethereal. It always soothed the old woman. It was obvious from the fact that she had so many varieties of them hung all over the porch.

Colorful birds visiting the bird-feeder occasionally. Sometimes a red Cardinal, other times a blue Jay flocked the feeder, chirping in their own hungry way. The bird poop was not a bother as much as their absence was.

Hot tea brewing in the kitchen, the heavenly smell wafting across the rooms along with the humming of a 1970's song. There was distant laughter too, a happy and cheerful kind. It probably was the son and his wife, fixing some snacks for the family.

Then the sound of running footsteps. Gentle shrieks and screams followed by giggles. Small pretty frock and rugged jeans scampering all over the house. Happy little feet leaving their footprints everywhere they went.

A cozy home. A beautiful family. And some peace. This is what this place is made of.

I hope to be that old woman someday.



  1. Aw, that does sound like Utopia! I'd settle for that, too! ~Liz http://www.lizbrownleepoet.com

    1. My heart keeps going back to this image. So I guess this is my dream and this is how I want to spend my last days on earth :D


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