Sunday, April 17, 2016

N - Not meant to be

Luckily for some, I am not going to write much today. Sometimes, an image, a single sentence or a single word conveys what a paragraph cannot. And these quotes below, sourced from google, do their job well.

Okay, sorry, but I do have something to say, like an introduction. Just changed my mind :P

Many a times, we find ourselves fighting for something that was not meant for us, searching for answers that do not exist, trying to become somebody that we are not, striving to reach somewhere where we were not destined to be, clinging on when all you have to do is let go. We try to seek it because we believe it exists, that it can happen, that it is how it is supposed to be.

But we forget that not everything is meant to be.


  1. Some things are not meant to stay the same, yet we won't stop looking for them. :) I loved your post. :)

    Archita from
    A Journey Called Life

    1. Thanks Archita ! You write amazingly well !


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