Friday, April 29, 2016

X - factor

She was petite. She was dusky. She was obese according to the modeling world. She was considered a misfit but now is successful like a charm. Heard a story like this before? Have you seen people who worked the same hard as you did, got the same opportunities as you had, have the same background as you have but are doing a lot better than you? There are people you instantly get a liking to, whether you have spoken to them or not. There are also some people who send bad vibes despite them doing everything right. We all know actors who do not look like Greek Gods, have a fat nose, stutters during dialogue delivery, do not have a 6-pack, yet have captured the hearts of millions. We all must know somebody who gets multiple chances despite the mistakes they made, who have people believing in them despite not having a proof of any visible success. There are cases where she might have uttered the same words as you did, but you were able to make an impact that she couldn't. It does seem unfair, but is the harsh truth that some people have a serious advantage that you cannot put your finger upon.

Take Shahrukh Khan for example. He is not at all good-looking if you look at his features. Amir khan acts better than him. Hrithik looks better than him. But he is the heartthrob of billions. He is the king of Bollywood. People started prophesying that he would be a star ever since he starred in a TV serial Circus. Or take Tyrion Lannister from GoT. Who would have thought that Peter Dinklage, a dwarf, would be the most loved character in that TV series?

So, what stood out ? What makes them different that the rest. Usually, it is difficult to exactly define that quality or pin point what it is that makes the world believe in them and love them. Its called the X- factor. And like in algebra, the X is unknown. Its an aura they are born with, their magnetism garnering interest and attention from people. It is so subtle that we often miss to notice it and assume the world is biased. They radiate some kind of positive or negative energy that can only be felt. A bad choice, a failure, bad behavior, nothing can diminish the power of the X-factor they are born with.

If you have it, you are lucky. If you know you have it, you are even more luckier. Tap into it. That is what will make you stand out in the crowd.


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  1. X factor or not, hard work and sincerity in purpose would definitely take you to places, if not the pinnacle! Well! Commitment is the commodity one has to possess in full measure!
    Further, quite a few sportspersons would fill the bill, not just Actors! The soldier who dies for the motherland deserves more accolades than people like Shahrukh!


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